Loredana Groza, wonderful message on the internet: ‘It’s my birthday’


Loredana Groza is celebrating her birthday today! On this occasion, the star published an image online, accompanied by an emotional message. It is the happiest day of the year and even though he has reached 53 years old, he does not complain, but has a great zest for life!

Loredana Groza, emotional message at 53 years old

Loredana Groza is living the most beautiful period of her life. She is a professionally accomplished artist, has a lot of people around her who love and support her unconditionally, and is enjoying tremendous success. Even if from a sentimental point of view he does not excel, he does not complain at all.

Today, the star turns 53 years old. The artist says that it is her day of “re-birth” and sent an extremely emotional message on the occasion of this important event. Lori wanted to thank everyone who stayed by her side and chose to support her in this journey, life, which the artist really takes full advantage of.

She knows that through her music, she has the gift of making people happy, which is something she is proud of and values ​​the most.

“Here, another year has passed. It’s June 10! It’s my Re-Birth day:)… Thank you for welcoming me into your lives, into your souls and choosing to walk with me on this fantastic journey that is life!

Life is poetry! With each passing year we have the opportunity to learn to live more intensely, more beautifully, more deeply, to simply enjoy life no matter what comes our way.. I thank the divinity for giving me this mission to do people happier through my voice, through my songs!

My gratitude and love for you are endless!🙏🏻❤️ ~Loredana”, was the message posted by Loredana Groza

How does Loredana Groza maintain herself?

Loredana Groza has reached 53 years old, but she doesn’t show her age at all. The famous artist takes great care of the way she looks and makes a lot of efforts to keep herself in shape. Bad mouths said she had plastic surgery, which she might have abused, but she claims she’s natural.

All he does is watch what he eats, don’t abuse and do sports too. She is very active, always has something to do and makes sure she also hits the gym whenever she has time.

“You have to have a disciplined life. Don’t eat anything, don’t think anything, be a good, positive person, do anything with passion. And if you eat, make love or cook. Anything if you do it with passion, it turns out perfectly. I don’t go to cosmetics often, I can’t afford to waste time there. I can’t do anything related to my physical appearance other than playing sports. There are no surgeries to make you have healthy skin,” said the artist.

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